Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine is revolutionizing our healthcare system. Ride the wave of progressive change! Anyone can benefit from a Lifestyle Medicine consultation. Whether you’re simply looking to shed a few pounds, reverse type II diabetes, or lower your risk of a heart attack or stroke, Lifestyle Medicine is the answer to achieving an overall healthier you!  

What to expect during a Lifestyle Medicine consultation

A thorough review of your medical history intake form will take place during your initial consultation, along with a review of your personal health goals. At the end of the consultation, you will have available to you, tools, resources and recommendations for lifestyle change that are evidenced-based in order to facilitate you along the path towards optimum health. 

Please note: In the practice setting of White Birch, prescription medications will not be prescribed. Our goal is not to start patients on medication, but rather, to encourage healthy lifestyle changes that can ultimately facilitate the discontinuation of some or all of your  prescription medications.  Rather than prescribing medications, prescriptions are written for lifestyle changes following the FITT Principle, which has its origin in exercise. FITT stands for: frequency, intensity, time, and type. This principle can also be applied to nutrition. Personal goals must be realistic and achievable in order for one to feel that a particular goal is indeed attainable. By creating a model for realistic change and expectations, steady progress towards optimal health is indeed achievable!

As a thank you for your initial consultation and to get you started on the path to wellness, you will also receive a courtesy White Birch signature essential oil, a custom tea blended by an herbalist, and a tea ball.